The Bible instructs believers to give generously, cheerfully, and regularly. Many members of Wyldewood have adapted to paying bills and making donations online. As a convenience, you can give to the work of the Lord at home and abroad through the ministry of Wyldewood Baptist Church online as well.
Your sacrificial gifts and offerings not only support this local New Testament Church but, also, more than thirty foreign and home missionaries. Wyldewood is working with PayPal as our secure online payments processor. Click on the PayPal logo to establish an online giving account to Wyldewood Baptist Church.
If you are interested in:
Life or family coaching 
Financial advising
Crisis counseling
These services are offered by Pastor Brett Bartlett.
Click here to contact the church office via email or call (734.854.1611) to schedule a visit.
Wyldewood greatly appreciates your financial support of our ministries. To make a charitable contribution, please click on the PayPal link (button) or send a check to:
Wyldewood Baptist Church
Post Office Box 707
Lambertville, Michigan 48144